2004 Jiang Cheng
    2004 Jiang Cheng
    Jiangcheng, Yunnan, China, 2004
    商品編號: 1908000063206
    商品貨號: P4-2004-100
    網路售價: NT$1,150
    A raw tea cake with great storage potential made after our Zipin cake and using the same traditional methods, a tribute to the 1950s Jiangcheng cake style for which is renowned. It produces a delicate and exquisite infusion, causing saliva to spring from the root of the tongue, with a lively character both long-lasting and full of transformations. Post-production fermentation has brought about a change, in around 10 years’ time, which is rather breathtaking. According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, such a refreshing and long-lasting infusion has the effect of nourishing the feminine “yin” principle, and is especially suitable for drinking during the dryness of autumn.
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