Cing Yai
    Cing Yai
    Nannuo Mountain, Yunnan, China, 2004
    商品編號: 1907000063139
    商品貨號: P14-2004-50
    網路售價: NT$800
    After a period of abandonment during which the plantation was reclaimed by the wild, the leaves of the ancient tea trees which provided raw material for the Cing Yai cake and tuocha were pressed using traditional methods. After only ten years of storage, significant post-fermentation transformation had already occurred. The tea farm hails from the Dashan area of Nannuo Mountain at an elevation of 1500 meters, in the mist-enshrouded Xishuangbanna area of southern Yunnan. Sipping this tea feels akin to admiring a classical Chinese ink painting, with a certain exciting quality slowly permeating your mouth as it spreads like ink through the canvas of your palate, opening up a spaciousness full of flavour and energy.
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