Profound Vigor
    Profound Vigor ちんけい
    沉 勁
    Aged Muzha Tieguanyin
    商品編號: 1407000116967_3268343779
    商品貨號: IGR002BW
    網路售價: NT$2,750
    In the Tieguanyin tea gardens of the mountain district of Muzha
    in the nearby outskirts of Taipei, over forty Zhang family tea
    cultivators for the last one hundred years or so have conserved
    and developed the ancient artisanal workmanship of Anxi in
    Fujian. This infusion is of a quality tea aged for over twenty years,and is a classic model of traditional medium-fermented, mediumroasted production. The concentrated aroma and mellow richness of the tea infusion envelops a swell of powerful vigor and robust spirit, that can bring one to recall the character of the early immigrants who, resilient and brave, pursued their dream.
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