Wistaria Lan Yin
    Wistaria Lan Yin
    Yiwu, Yunnan, China, 2007
    商品編號: 1907000063143
    商品貨號: P11-2007-357
    網路售價: NT$6,800
    Ancient trees in the Dashan Mountains, in parts, have been maintained very well. That tea plantation is one of very few remaining tea plantations which preserve the classical ways of ancient tea gardens, expressing what, in the Confucian classic of The Doctrine of the Mean, is referred to as “the full development of their nature”.

    This Blue Mark tea cake is modeled after the 1950s cake. The founder of Wistaria Tea House carefully selected the materials from the finest spring buds of the Menghai tea area in the year 2007 . This tea tastes silky and fresh with a complex flavor and fragrant aroma. Drinking this tea can give you a sense of the sublimation of mind like seeing skies of blue and clouds of white.
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