Tai Yue (Bowl)
    Tai Yue (Bowl)
    Xiaojinggu, Yunnan, China, 2005
    商品編號: 1811000062781
    商品貨號: P15-2005-50
    網路售價: NT$800
    In the past, Puer City was known as the Simao District, north of the Xishuangbanna area, where can also be found several famous large-tree tea plantation areas, for example, the Jingmai area, growing medium- to small-leaf varieties, and the Xiaojinggu area where large-leaf varieties are cultivated. Due to the differences in the character of the soil, the mineral content of various teas and their medicinal properties are also different. This tea’s liquor is lively and sweet, with a floral aroma, causing a sense of delight in the drinker - hence the name Tai Yue, or Great Happiness.
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